Daily programs

Morning Express

Get all the morning business and tech news, as well as the latest overseas news from overnight. The perfect companion for your commute to work. Hosted by Ticker’s Ahron Young.

First Trade

As the ASX opens at 10am, Ahron Young hosts this program with Kyle Rodda from IG Markets. Latest breaking business and tech news.

Lunchtime Express

Join Ticker’s Laura Daquino for this fun and insightful program. Reporting the market news plus interviews with business leaders and entrepreneurs.


Innovate Today

Experiences retailer and startup founder Scott Kilmartin interviews the innovators and entrepreneurs behind Australia’s startup community.

Ticker Property

Find out the latest property news and the direction of the market, featuring the data from the weekend auctions. Ticker Property is hosted by Kris Bondin, CEO of Movinghub.

Remarkable Influencers

Meet the real people with thousands of followers as they discuss their business and lives. Hosted by Natalie Giddings, Managing Director of The Remarkables Group.


Black Belt Leader

Using the lessons of traditional martial art, Sensei Karen Gately from Corporate Dojo interviews leaders about what makes a great CEO and how businesses need to adapt.

Mediaweek on Ticker

Media, love it or hate it, but we all talk about it. Each week James Manning, editor of Mediaweek, joins Ticker’s Ahron Young to dissect the big media news of the week.


Future Sport

Australia is the sporting nation and sport is a huge business. Future Sport uncovers the business of sport and interviews the big names.


Handle Your Own PR

Running a small business and need some great press to tell the world what you’re doing? PR queen Jules Brooke shares her insights and helps businesses with their media goals.

Health of the Market

As the week draws to a close, what were the highs and lows? And what to expect from the market? Hosted by Elio D’Amato, Executive Director of Lincoln Indicators.

30 Life Crisis

The 30s are a tough time. Grown up but stuck in a career rut. Dr Steve Enticott interviews the people who took the leap and got back on the right path.

She’s The Boss

Meet the incredible female founders who have transformed their lives while starting amazing businesses. Hosted by PR queen Jules Brooke.

Ticker Launch

Laura Daquino buckles down and heads into startup space with Australia’s best and brightest founders, exploring their biggest moments (and shockers) along the way.