​Who watches Ticker?

The people who watch Ticker are interested in finance and topics of substance. We may be niche, but our audience knows what it wants and has the income to get it. Our content focuses on technology, innovation, start-ups, media and aviation. Key markets for partnerships.

Connect with the community directly by promoting your ideas and get in front of people not yet following you. Quickly grow your high value followers and drive word-of-mouth traffic with quality engagement.

We don’t play commercials

Our advertising is more of a partnership. We don’t run commercial breaks, instead, we include branded content into our programming. That includes sponsored content as well as integrations.

Our partners can see their logos on air as part of our graphics package, our hosts regularly mention our sponsors and we integrate our programming.

Integrate with Ticker

Over 1.8 trillion ads remain unseen every year – don’t pay for something that doesn’t get results. We offer only highly effective native advertising with 100% viewability.