When things get hard just push harder

By Dr Steve Enticott

This week we spoke with 2 amazing ladies. 

Brooke Gordon (Sash Et Al) completed a commerce degree and to supplement her way through university she also did some part time handyman work. 

After a few years of hard work chasing the corporate ladder with her university degree behind her (in the mining industry) she became dismayed at the rate of promotion (or lack of) and put up a website to begin a business in the commercial building space.

Then get this, the first job Brooke won she was on a 3-month holiday in the USA and so instead of letting it go (as most people would) she project managed the tender from overseas, phenomenal, push harder. 

Since those humble beginnings the business has grown. She is a young female hiring staff and buying her own factory in a male dominated industry. What a way smash through and avoid a 30-life crisis. 

On the other side of life Leigh Woodgate (Inspirational Speaker) who is the only lady to ever win the famous “Man from Snowy River” horse race; who at the young age of 30 crashed her horse (in another race event) breaking nearly every bone in her body. 

She sat in a wheelchair for 2 and a half years learning how to breathe and talk. 

Fast forward 15 years from that point and she was able to finally get back on the horse and resume track work again. An amazing recovery from deaths door to recovery.

Her key learning motivation to get through was to “find a way to never ever give up” and she proved it with her actions over and over again, phenomenal recovery. 

Both these ladies have proved with their successes in life:

  • Always have a go; “to have a crack”
  • To push harder when its hard/needed
  • Success / recovery soon flows

Over the summer break, let these two ladies inspire you to push and keep pushing whenever things get hard, satisfaction and rewards soon come your way. 

Dr Steven Enticott is the author of www.themanwithaplanbook.com.au  Senior partner of www.ciatax.com.au A positive psychology exponent, sports chaplain and host of 30 Life Crisis right here on  Ticker.  #themanwithaplanbook

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