What to look for in the property and loan markets

Ticker Property is an informative television program that brings experts within the property industry together to get their take on the industry, from changes to legislation, property sales data, interest rates to software and devices in the home.

The one hour program is hosted by Movinghub Australia CEO, Kris Bondin and airs each Monday morning at 11am live on Ticker TV.

The total value of all residential real estate in Australia is over AU$6,600,000,000,000 (6.6 trillion) according to estimates.

Watch Ticker Property and you will be educated on what’s happening in the property space. The show will cover the weekends property auction results sharing data such as the number of auctions, the average time to sell the property, clearance rates and the average number of bids from the weekend were placed before the property was sold. No matter what’s happening in the property market, Ticker Property will be discussing an array of topics to provide industry insights from experts in their field.

Whether we’re in a buyers market or a sellers market, the experts that appear on Ticker Property have you covered each week.

We also take a look at the innovation space within the property industry, particularly the PropTech industry, who is developing or launched software to make the buyer, home owner, tenant or investors life easier. With devices such as Google Home and Amazon’s Alexa making our lives much easier to control our lights and other devices around the home, we’ll bring you updates on these products and services.

About the host: Kris Bondin imparts a wealth of knowledge within the finance and property sector and is the current CEO and director of the Movinghub Australia business, an industry leader providing white label software and services to assist customers moving home.

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