Victoria records first case of coronavirus

A man in his 50s is in isolation at a Melbourne hospital, as Australia records its first case of coronavirus.

The Victorian Health Minister Jenny Mikakos announced it is “highly likely” there will be other cases in Australia and it is still possible more passengers on this man’s flight will be diagnosed with coronavirus.

The man is a Chinese national and is being treated at Monash in Clayton. He iOS currently in a stable condition.

He arrived in Melbourne on January 19 from China and displayed no symptoms on flight to Melbourne. The man was confirmed as having coronavirus at 2.15am today.

Every passenger on the man’s flight will be contacted by health authorities in the coming days, she said.

“This is an evolving situation. We are now one of eleven countries who have confirmed cases,” Ms Mikakos said.

“I do want to stress… there is no reason for alarm in the general community. We have had flu epidemics in the past, including SARs and our system is geared up well to deal with this situation.”

Hundreds of patients have been infected with the virus across China, with central Hubei province the worst-affected.

Cases have been mainly in China

The World Health Organisation (WHO) is warning the number of cases is likely to rise further, and Chinese authorities have introduced a number of measures to try to halt the virus’s spread.

The Chinese government has also closed a number of temples, the Forbidden City and part of the Great Wall.

The growing list of restrictions comes at the beginning of a week-long holiday celebrating Lunar New Year – one of the most important dates in the Chinese calendar – when millions of people travel home.

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