Using drones to deliver medication

Then it comes to rural Australia, delivering life saving medicine can be a challenge. We all know about the Royal Flying Doctors right? But what if you need critical medicine quickly? That’s where Swoop Aero had an idea.

Swoop Aero was founded to make a difference.

When Swoop was asked whether they could transport chemotherapy medication in regional Australia, they answered yes; but then took the question a step further: how can we design a system to deliver essential medical supplies by air, safely, reliably, and cost-effectively, every day of the week?

Since then, Swoop Aero has built scalable networks in some of the hardest places in the world to access.

The aircraft have been deployed in places like Vanuatu and the Democratic Republic of the Congo; proving it’s possible to increase accessibility to basic healthcare with airborne mobility.

They Melbourne-based start-up has become one of the first two companies in the world to win an open tender to deliver vaccines via drones to remote areas.

Selected by the Vanuatu Ministry of Health and UNICEF, Swoop Aero has delivered vaccines to communities in the Tafea and Shefa provinces via autonomous drones, which have the capacity to travel about 110 kilometres and carry more than 2 kilograms.

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