Using AI data for the best digital marketing results

Lighthouse8 is an international engineering company specialising in performance media, business intelligence and  marketing robot development.

They use industry-leading analytics technology to ensure your business is always one step ahead of competitors when it comes to business intelligence and market insight.

The team specialises in driving your business further. It’s all about analysing and understanding every single step of the customer journey and applying the latest automation & AI technology.

Making every interaction with technology more intelligent, their customers achieve more. The AI solutions will transform the relationship between people and technology, charging your insight and results.

Consumers are looking across a myriad of sites, search engines and social networks in their quest for information. All these “micro-moments” make up the purchase decision. Attribution is the science of using advanced analytics to allocate proportional credit to each marketing touchpoint across all channels.

The future of marketing is about creating a personal relationship with your customers. The winners in the digital economy focus on building an audience instead of buying it. 

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