The “Uber” of the moving industry

Peter Borain openly says the moving industry is “backwards, boring” and all-round ripe for disruption. Which is why his team decided to create an app that would do just that.

After setting up numerous depots and buying trucks around the country, Peter decided there had to be a better way to do things.

Thus the birth of Movepal.

“We wanted to build a platform that was easier for drivers and customers to use, as many drivers in the industry have a difficult time. Jobs are patchy, hours are long, so we wanted to give them a platform which provides both flexibility and the opportunity to earn more,” he says.

Movepal has recently launched in Melbourne and provides customers with an on-demand way to move anything from an Ikea couch to an entire house.

Customers upload pictures of what they’re wanting to move to the app, and the service matches the job to a driver.

“It’s very similar to the way Uber works, the customer can manage and oversee the whole process from start to finish,” he says.

Despite being recently launched, Movepal has already onboarded 100 drivers, and Borain predicts many independent moving businesses will likely join the platform as a way to ensure more consistent business.

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