Mirabella Genio lighting up the smart home revolution

Mirabella have simplified and automated everyday living with our Genio Smart Home range.

Their growing portfolio incorporates an array of products including smart bulbs, outdoor decorative lights/ string lights, adaptors, power boards, home appliances and so much more!

All these products can be controlled at any time and anywhere from our easy to use Genio App.  Our devices are also compatible with voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa & Google Home. 

With the Mirabella Genio app you can give members access to the same control that you have without the hassle of setting everything up from scratch.

Within the Mirabella Genio app, under the one profile, you have the ability to control multiple homes, office, or even a friend’s place that has given you access. 

Genio connects to the cloud which is always getting smarter. Personalised preferences on your app can be instantly shared with whoever you want. 

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