How Cake helps you to manage your Equity

Cake helps all kinds of companies manage their equity. Whether you want to raise capital faster, manage your investors or give your team ownership – better your business by using Cake.

Manage your next raise with Cake. It’s like having your accountant and lawyer in an app, with all the modern software features you want – e-signing, document storage, cloud registry, in-app communication and legal advice.

Using Cake you’ll breeze through the set up of your Employee Share Scheme. Then issue the options and let the system handle vesting triggers and exercise rules, take care of payment and issue shares.

No more spreadsheets or multiple versions of the same document. Only one source of the truth. Cake’s cloud-based share registry takes care of all the calculations and keeps track of your equity transactions.

Need to update investor details or add a couple of new ones? Now you can do it all with the click of a button. Cake can also connect your registry to ASIC, or your Registered Agent.

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