Hinge: The app that aims to be deleted

In today’s digital world, singles are so busy matching that they’re not actually connecting, in person, where it counts. Hinge is on a mission to change that.

Hinge founder and CEO Justin McLeod says the app’s aim to to attract users who will think about their next relationship in a more deep and meaningful way.

“The aim is to get people into a relationship and off our app,” McLeod told Ahron Young on Ticker Today. “We are the app that is designed to be deleted.

“We are trying to optimise our users going on great dates.

“People were feeling the need for something that led somewhere.”

McLeod says the app is also trying to decrease the amount of ‘ghosting’ that occurs on other dating websites and programs.

“Part of being a part of the community is that people slow down and become thoughtful,” McLeod adds.

“You can hide conversations, but if you are still interested, we want to remind you they were the last person to send a message.”

Hinge has grown exponentially since 2016, when the company decided to relaunch itself, with its success being attributed to word-of-mouth recommenddations.

The app can be downloaded from the iTunes and Google Play Store.

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