Having enough energy and awareness in your day

Black Belt Leader is hosted by Karen Gately, founder of Corporate Dojo, a Sensei in the martial arts and highly regarded expert in the field of people leadership. Each episode explores how leaders can develop the strength of character, relationships and capabilities needed to get the best from themselves and the people on their team.

Drawing on lessons from the martial arts and business, Karen and her guests share stories and advice aimed at helping leaders to tackle complex people management challenges and have greater influence on the engagement, growth and success of the people they lead.

We explore topics that reveal why strength of character, talent and energy all matter as much as they do to success. We believe great leaders are those who are not only skilled but also bring respect, courage, discipline, accountability and humility to their role. We invite guests onto the show who we believe are able to help leaders to do that.

Regular guests include Psychotherapist Heidi Rogers https://www.heidirogers.com.au/ and Employment Lawyer Glen Bartlett from Bartlett Workplace http://www.bartlettworkplace.com/.

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