Going off 4WD track with Newtracs

Newtracs is the first and only app in Australia to automatically generate track reports by analysing 4wd trip logs from our user base.  Founder James Nuccio spoke with Ticker’s Ahron Young.

Newtracs gives 4WD drivers access to a comprehensive campsite database.  Search for campsites both online and offline.

Track updates and vector maps can be synced to your device and stored offline so they can be accessed when outside of mobile coverage.


Searchable comprehensive track database allows track name – even when offline.

4wd track grades are assessed automatically by the Newtracs platform based on GPS traces submitted by users via the Newtracs iOS app.  This is achieved by understanding the type of vehicle users are driving and their relative performance when navigating a 4wd track. 

The track grading methodology tries to keep in line with the standard approach developed by Four Wheel Drive Australia. 

Visit https://www.newtracs.com.au for more

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