A juice that kills hangovers?

A juice that kills hangovers? It’s what Bae Juice promises, but does it deliver? Our brave producer had a couple of 21sts over a weekend, so he put it to the Ticker test.

A few years ago, Bae Juice founder, Tim, first flew to South Korea to meet his girlfriend’s family. As it happens, Sumin’s family like to get on the soju almost as much as Tim likes getting on the beers, and what started as a low-key family dinner quickly spiralled into fresh hell for his liver.

Long story short— Tim was forced to back it up the following night, already feeling more than a little worse for wear. But before he raised the first maekju to his lips, someone handed him a bottle of pear juice in a Korean convenience store and the rest is history.

By the time he flew back home to Melbourne, Tim felt like he was on the pointy end of two-week detox, not crossing the finish line of a fortnight-long soju marathon.

After teaming up with his best mate, Liam, Bae Juice was born, and the rest is history.

But does it actually work? Ticker producer Alex Fasso had a couple of big 21sts over a weekend, so we sent him out with Bae juice in hand, to see how it goes.

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