30 Life Crisis January 30

Tax accountant and positive psychologist Dr Steve Enticott interviews people who transformed their lives in their 30s, to try and avoid the 30 Life Crisis.

The 30-life crisis is the point in life where reward for effort inverts.

In other words, throughout our youth the rewards come at a greater rate than the efforts and it is all very exciting. This reward for effort curve begins to slow as we enter our thirties and starts to go the other way, efforts become greater than the rewards.

Careers stall, marriages end, custody battles begin, debts build up, assets stop growing, expenses grow, income flatlines or worse you have just been made redundant or soon will be.

The beginnings of a burnout begin in this age group.

Yet what we don’t see when we are in the beginnings of the 30 Life Crisis is this; where we are actually sitting is at the most powerful point in our lives to reconnect with our purpose and empower ourselves into a much brighter future.

We have education that is still relevant, we have life / career experience and our skills are generally at their peak. It is our time to shine and sometimes we need the light of others to shine ahead to lead us forward.

This is what the 30 Life Crisis show represents, people who have passed through it (like the host whose own crisis hit home at the age of 38) and others who are looking for the pathway through.

Dr Steve Enticott is the Senior Partner and founder of CIA Tax (www.ciatax.com.au), a personal tax-based business and investment practice based in Melbourne. He is a fiercely independent, licensed financial advisor specialising in tax-effective investment. He has a doctorate, an MBA and several diplomas. He is the author of three books, including The Man With A Plan, and a regular media commentator.

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