12 tips for business success in 2020

Miles Primrose was coming of age when the recession hit Australia in the early 1990s. While many people struggled, Miles decided to push for a job in New Zealand, and returned to Australia ready to take on the business world.

So what are the tips that Miles uses every day to win at business? How to be different?

  1. Timing The 1st Trades business coach in Australia 
  2. Visually The Legs
  3. Our Mission Cant be copied
  4. The Strength The Trades and Builders Business program 36+ Specialist Presenters
  5. A True Niche We are ONLY help Trades and Builders, that get our members results quicker
  6. Response We get back to our client enquires with in 24 hours
  7. Structure We have the OLBB, a cloud based tool to build and structure your business 
  8. Most Compressive The most compressive workshop in Australia 
  9. Two Levels we have two levels of the T&BBP depending on what stage you are at 
  10. The Book The 12 Steps to Building Your Business
  11. TT&BBS The Trades & Builders Business Show 
  12. Our Purpose Our Purpose 
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