About Ticker

Ticker is an Australian news platform with content focusing on business, tech, startups, entrepreneurs, media and travel.

Ticker broadcasts daily from state of the art studios in the heart of Melbourne’s startup community. Our programs are available as a continuous streaming service on the Ticker website www.tickertv.com.au, our Apps, as well as Twitter and Youtube Live.

Ticker isn’t for the CEO, it’s for the people who work for the CEO and one day want to be a CEO.

Ticker content reaches over 3 million Australians per month, across the website, app, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and LinkedIn.

We celebrate the local entrepreneurs, the start-ups and deliver the latest news from Silicon Valley and how it affects local business. Our content includes shows that help small businesses with information like Brand Builders, and 30 Life Crisis.

We produce non-partisan, fast paced video content, targeting the under 45yos. Ticker has no ad breaks – our sponsors are integrated into the shows. A compromise for viewers who no longer tolerate interruptions to their favourite shows.


How It All Began

Ticker was created by Ahron Young, an award winning journalist who has worked in television, radio and newspapers across the world. Ahron is Ticker’s Managing Editor.

He found himself facing what many describe as the 30 Life Crisis. It was such an important journey that Ticker named one of its first shows about people making change in their professional careers.

He could see there was an appetite for business content for younger professionals with a keen interest in tech. Together with a group of friends, Ticker has grown into a new source of news for Australians.

Ahron has anchored thousands of hours of live television on Sky News and grew the Sky News Melbourne Bureau. He has reported from some of the biggest news events of our time.